Looking for something different? Athleticism, elasticity, stamina, speed, agility, scope over a fence, excellent movement and a high percentage of blood?

Introducing the outstanding Perlino Akhal Teke Stallion Kambarbay from Solaris Sport Horses who possesses all of the desirable characteristics of the modern event horse. In addition he has a beautiful head, well defined limbs, a well proportioned length of body and neck along with the metallic golden sheen to his coat for which the breed are also renown.

Kambarbay bloodlines

The Akhal Teke as a breed are infamous for their great stamina, intelligence, speed, agility and bravery, the characteristics very much sought after for the eventing, endurance and all round sport horse.

Kambarbay is a stallion with nobility and refinement an elegant high blood stallion with the ability as a Perlino to pass on his dilute colouring 100% of the time. Homozygous agouti and creme he will always produce palomino and buckskin foals from solid mares. He carries both the red and black factor and is homozygous agouti. He cannot produce smokey blacks.

Purchased by Solaris Sport Horses in June 2006 at just a few months of age from his breeders “Akhal Teke Est” in Estonia, he remained in Estonia until the autumn of 2009 when he travelled the 3300 km journey to Scotland by road via Warsaw and Newmarket. GrandView Sport Horses has been given the privilege of being the Australian agent for this outstanding stallion.

Kambarbay spent his first winter here with us at the stud and in February of 2010 commenced training at Craigie Equestrian in Aberdeenshire. He remained in training to progress his dressage and show jumping and started his ridden career eventing in April 2011 with Lucy Craigie. He shows great aptitude in all three disciplines with well above average movement and jump. The video footage shows him tackling his first ever cross country jumps with boldness and confidence, water, ditches, banks, nothing phased him.

Kambarbay performed well with good results in his first affiliated one day events and BSJA shows. At Brechin Castle he jumped a very good clear round in both the show jumping and cross country phases with a good score in dressage putting him in 11th place. At Cabin equestrian he has jumped some good double clears in the 90cm open and novice classes.

Kambarbay spent the 2011 summer season at stud and commenced dressage training with Matthew Burnett in October 2011. On first outing the duo scored over 69% in the prelim test winning the class.He was registered British Dressage and commenced affiliated competition with Matt in April 2012 placing 1st and third at Novice. He returned home to fulfill stud duties for the 2012 breeding season.

Kambarbay has inherited his sire Kuuvalti’s quality paces. His trot is ground covering and elastic with a spring to his step and suppleness through his whole body. He has good shoulder reach and quick powerful active hock. His canter is light footed with good uphill self carriage and his walk is long and reaching as can be seen in the video footage. His jump is elastic with good scope and he is very sure footed over cross country terrain.

Whilst the Akhal Teke appear to be light of bone, it is in fact exceptionally dense, designed to cover hard ground at high speed without sustaining injury. The Akhal Teke are renowned for not suffering soundness issues with exceptionally strong tendons and hardy hooves that require little maintenance. In addition Kambarbay’s temperament is golden, very gentle and attached to those he entrusts. He shows high intelligence and is very quick to learn.


Kambarbay’s first foals arrived in 2012 the first of which was Solaris Hasckia out of Solaris Chiquita combing the bloodlines of Kambarbay’s Akhal Teke ancestors and the performance bloodlines of the Holstein stallion Contender and the Selle Francais line of Grand Veneur.

He has crossed well with a variety of mare types, Irish Sport Horse, Warmblood and Thoroughbreds.

Our clients have remarked upon their abundant stamina and energy, with many commenting on a special aptitude to collect and extend within the gaits especially in canter coupled with ability to gallop, halt and turn with remarkable ease. They are exceptionally light footed and light of fore with good mechanics.

They have been described as being particularly close to people, bold, brave and inquisitive.

Please refer to the Solaris Sport Horses webpage for further information and history on this beautiful and versatile stallion.

Frozen doses of this outstanding stallion available now to approved mares for $1200. Dilute mares maybe used to Kambarbay, subject to approval by the stallion owner.

Kambarbay is registered with The ACE Group so all foals can be registered with ACE. Warmblood foals will also be eligible to be registered with AWHA.

Wanting to breed quality and have the added bonus of colour? Milky Way GF is an outstanding example of a quality warmblood with a beautiful cremello coat.

Milky Way is owned by Gestuet Falkenhorst in Germany, and needs little introduction to Australia as he has a number of progeny here. Standing at 16.1hh.

Milky Way bloodlines

Milky Way’s sire, the stallion Mascarpone GF, was the first ever Cremello Warmblood stallion that got a license for Warmblood breeding. He unfortunately died much too young but left many premium awarded offspring that have all inherited his wonderful character, outstanding and elastic movement and great jumping ability.

Milky Way’s dam competed successfully in dressage and jumping to the M level. She retired from competition at age of 10 and we could finally purchase her and use her as broodmare. She only produced premium awarded foals.


We have frozen doses of Milky Way available for this season to non-dilute mares only at $1200 per dose (no LFG). GrandView Sport Horses will also be using this stallion in our stud so if you are unable to breed your own foal, give us a call and we may have a foal here that will tick all of your boxes!

Foals are able to be registered with The ACE Group, AWHA and ISSA.

Wanting to breed an outstanding and unusual dressage horse with the added bonus of that WOW factor? Horizon is the only black silver warmblood in the world with just exquisite bloodlines.

Horizon is owned by Kristin Urwin in the UK and GrandView are super excited to have the association with Kristin to sell a limited number of frozen doses of this beautiful young stallion in Australia.

This elegant young stallion has the whole package; looks, movement and beautiful conformation.

Horizon bloodlines

Horizon is Homozygous black and heterozygous silver dapple dilute KWPN warmblood stallion. Born 2012, KWPN A Reg Passported. He is currently 15.3hh in height however still growing and will finish 16hh+. He is DNA tested EEAaZz so will pass black 100% of the time and pass silver 50% of the time to his foals.

Horizon’s sire is the beautiful homozygous black dressage stallion Amoureux.




Amoureux is ridden by Mat Burnett and is a consistent winner with high scores at Advanced level Dressage stallion and is now debuting his career at International Level.

He has been a consistent winner at Advanced Medium, Medium & Young Dressage Horse Championship qualifiers with high scores.

At the UK KWPN Keurings Amoureux succesfully passed his IBOP dressage performance test and was awarded the STER predicate as a mark of above average quality and suitability as dressage horse. Amoureux has a pedigree of legendary ancestry who has consistently achieved excellent results in dressage.

Pedigree highlights: Saros Van’t Gestelhof claimed over 50 Wins up to Prix St Georges in Dressage.

Erle (Elite) Three times National Mare Champion. She competed with good results up to Advanced Level Dressage. Krack C Competed with success at Grand Prix Dressage with Anky Van Grunsven.

Ruby Amoureux’s dam the Ster Preferent Prestatie mare is a consistent progenitor of successful dressage horses. Her sons and daughters have also faired exceptionally well in the mare performance tests and Keurings.

Zita herself successful in dressage she produced the dressage horses, “Quality’s Pride” and “Dorita” along with no less than five Ster mares and the Preferent mares Ruby and Felita.

Horizons dam line through Distella has the legendary bloodlines of Ferro.

Horizons dam

Olympic Ferro is one of the great stallions who was extremely well bred with good character and very good powerful hind legs. He was first in his stallion test.

Ferro has produced 8 KWPN Approved stallions such as Rousseau the winner of this stallion test and producer of winner of Stallion test as well, the recently Keur awarded Negro, and the well known Metall and Rhodium. He has 11 KWPN Approved grandsons. His great legacy has given him the very rare title of “Preferent” which is the highest predicate a stallion can have.

He showed a lot of talent in jumping and even started out in life as a show jumper and ended up one of the more eminent dressage stallions of modern times.

This charming, talented black stallion achieved the title of “Keur” in 2000. He can be relied upon to produce beautiful, typey, talented offspring of the highest quality.

Fantastic toplines and an elegant look characterize his get. In addition to their dressage excellence, OlympicFerro’s offspring also make good jumpers. Olympic Ferro is #1 on the BN World Stallion Rankings for dressage and is the top stallion and pride of the Netherlands, affectionately known as the “Black Pearl.”

Progeny Horizon has his first foals on the ground which are proving to be absolute quality foals. horizon-progeny-1




Be one of the first to breed a truly beautiful performance horse with unbelievable dressage bloodlines.

We have frozen doses of Horizon available for this season to non-silver mares only at $1650 per dose.

GrandView Sport Horses will also be using Horizon so if you are unable to breed your own foal, give us a call and we may have a foal here that will tick all of your boxes!

All foals can be registered with The ACE Group, AWHA and ISSA.

This stallion is truly magnificent..! He has the WOW factor through and through, superb jumping lines and is homozygous pinto.

GrandView Sport Horses in association with Solaris Sport Horses in the UK are super excited to have the beautiful homozygous coloured tobiano warmblood stallion Solaris Buenno now available in Australia. Buenno is an outstanding addition to the world of warmblood and sport horse breeding.

His sire, the coloured Dutch Warmblood Stallion Umenno has an accomplished performance record to date and his dam, Edwina, a Supreme Champion high scoring 1st premium mare who’s progeny have consistently been successful in the county show ring.

Umenno 5

Umenno SJing

Buenno, has inherited the qualities of both sire and dam, elasticity of gaits, a free shoulder and quick active engaging hind leg. His bloodlines are a combination of both jumping and dressage genes from the worlds leading stud books.

In addition to his proven performance bloodlines, Buenno is Homozygous for the tobiano gene, thus providing breeders with the certainty that his progeny will be coloured with tobiano markings. Regrettably Buenno suffered an injury as a yearling severing his hind extensor. It has therefore not been possible to follow a ridden career.

Buenno Bloodlines

His progeny are well developed, with good top lines and above average muscle development, they are consistently built uphill with beautiful neck set ideal for dressage and showing. He consistently passes on good limbs. They show an abundance of presence, elevation to their paces with designer coats as a bonus!

For the showing enthusiast his progeny have been shown with great success and is a consistent producer of Prize winners and In Hand Champions throughout the UK at County Level.

From his first foal crop his daughter, Solaris Fechinna, won the CHAPS yearling class Overall Champion Reserve at the Royal Highland Show 2011 on first outing and has since been sold to France. She is now under saddle with wins and placings in the young horse French National Age Show Jumping classes. Progeny

Pedigree Highlights:

Umenno As a four year old jumped double clears in British Novice. Discovery and Newcomers. He qualified for the Royal Show potential showjumper, the Royal International Horse Show BSPA Ridden finals, Burghley Young Event Horse, Arena UK 4 year old SJ championship, and the Scottish Sports Horse 4 year old showjumping sport horse series along with numerous Overall Championships in ridden sport horse classes often standing vainquer to older competitors. Winner of the five year classes at Bicton and the six year old class in St Legier Switzerland with additional placings at RII with Rudi Wallerbosch. Wellington KWPN Keur belonged to the famous VDL Stud in Holland. A successful show jumper at 1.60m level and the sire of many predicate mares. Farrington, Glennridge and Emillion were of World Cup success. His offspring are of International show jumping standard include Jerome, VDL Jupiter and What a Game. Wellington also sired successful dressage horses including Ceylon and Bolvorms.

Nimmerdor KWPN Stallion of the Century. Son of the Preferent stallion Farn, the Preferent Nimmerdor was the most famous of all the old-fashioned Holstein offspring. Nimmerdor has had a tremendous, far-reaching influence upon the world of equestrian breeding and has sired over 50 Approved sons as well as a multitude of international show jumpers and exceptional brood mares.

Frozen doses of this beautiful stallion are available now in Australia at $1450 per dose for selected solid coloured mares.

All foals can be registered with The ACE Group, AWHA and ISSA.

Solaris Buenno as a foal:

This stallion is truly unique in colour…Fire and Ice is the only double dilute leopard spotted warmblood stallion in existence.

GrandView Sport Horses (in association with Gassons Farm Stud in the UK) are super excited to give a preliminary introduction to this exciting young stallion who will be available for very limited doses this coming breeding season.

Unique in colour GFS Fire and Ice who is the first and to date, the only double dilute leopard spotted warmblood stallion in existence! He is still a young horse with a lot yet to prove, but he is showing potential by the bucket load! Currently standing at 16.2hh and still growing.

Fire&Ice Pedigree

‘Ice’ demonstrates huge movement natural elasticity, elevation and big balanced extension through each gait and transition. He has a super scopey jump with a text book bascule and above all else, a huge heart! This incredibly unusual perlino leopard spotted colt has been blessed with not only his trademark striking colour and markings but also has a nature more golden than his coat! This wonderful character has no malice nor negative trait. He thoroughly enjoys the company and attention of people and is a sensible, intelligent young horse with a genuine desire to work. Trying his best to please in every way and proving to be a delight under saddle.

His first crop of 2016 foals have been absolutely outstanding. The Stud is over the moon at the consistency and quality of the foals. He has produced both straight dilutes and also some very outstanding spotted foals. All foals are of excellent type, quality and phenomenal athletic promise. Fire and Ice is a rare 2012 perlino leopard spotted stallion of highly sought European Knabstrupper/Kinsky Warmblood X Thoroughbred breeding. He was bred at the renowned Gassons Farm Stud in the picturesque Cotswolds in the UK and is by Colourthyme Kajika out of a top quality and very special NTR Wetherby’s registered mare Folly’s Rock.

Colourthyme Kajika Colourthyme Kajika

Folly is a big moving and very powerful mare, with a massive jump. She had been retired from Eventing prior to her arrival at the stud due to an accident. She had been progressing very well through the rankings until misfortune hit! She has proven however to be the most amazing broodmare and has previously having bred two Premium Graded foals. Folly is by the leading sire of event horses Rock King.

Folly’s Rock Follys Rock1

Rock King is the sire of the Olympic eventer Rock Model. He also sired four competitors at the 2008 CCI **** at Luhmuhlen. Rock King was renowned for his fantastic temperment, excellent paces and superb jumping technique. As a four year old Rock King won the Stoneways Potential Showjumper and was in the final twelve for the Young Event Horse Class. From there his career sky rocketed. Sadly, his career was tragically cut short whilst competing at Tweeseldown Horse Trials in 2000 where he sustained a fatal injury. He was at that time already Advanced, accruing over 200 BE points during his short career which would otherwise undoubtedly have seen him feature in many major horse trials. He was sired by, Just a Monarch, a stallion that produced many superb competition stock over the years. Many of his proven progeny include the International Event Horses, Kings Jester, Just an Ace and Midnight Monarch, as well as point-to-pointer Mark Methane who has won over 30 races.

Rock King Eventing Rock King Eventing

Rock Kings’ dam, Rockys Double and Grand dam, Farley Mount were both prolific producers of CCI **** Eventers, including; Double Trust, Alfresco, Trust in me and Kilcashel. Spring Fidgit Vll, Follys dam was sired by Bohemond, Sire of Olympic Eventer, Withcote Nellie and her dam’s dam a Conemara jumping pony, Spring Fidgit which is where her glorious golden colour and very pretty almost ‘pony’ head. Both Folly’s sire and dam can trace their ancestry back to Pharos, with a great number of highly acclaimed racehorse royalty adorning the family tree in between. ‘Ice’ has inherited the dilute gene from both parents and in addition to this he has inherited his sires leopard spotted coat pattern.

Gasson’s Farm are confident that this unusual young colt will develop and mature into the promise and obvious potential he is currently demonstrating. A very exciting future stallion of guaranteed class, quality, talent, temperament AND dilute colouration WITH a 50% chance of producing a spotted pattern available before he hits the heights he is destined for!

Fire and Ice Progeny

GrandView cannot wait to have this super exciting and unusual stallion available here in Australia. He has the perfect mix of bloodlines to be the producer of SUPER eventing types…with that additional special something…guaranteed dilute (buckskin or palomino) and a 50% chance of extra special with spots..!

All foals will be eligible to be registered with The ACE Group, AWHA and ISSA.

Crowns Ace of Pearl is everything you could ask for in a stallion: handsome looks, excellent bloodlines, athletic and scopey ability, fabulous temperament and outstanding conformation.

GrandView Sport Horses, together with Ace’s owner Jo Kimmons are excited to have this outstanding stallion now available to the Australian and New Zealand market.

Cremello German Warmblood – ZFDP Born 2006 16.3hh Ace is homozygeous AA so will only produce Palomino and buckskins to bay and black mares Premium stallion approved with ECHA “The best cremello warmblood stallion we have seen in the whole of Europe!” Karin Kajaer ECHA

2013 – This year, as a 7 year old, Ace will be competing 1.30 and 1.40′s 2012 – Qualified for Boomerang 6 & 7 yr old final Millstreet. 2011 – Won the 1.20 at Kildare International Grand Prix Final Show (see video) 2010 – 4 year Old South East Regional Dressage Champion

Ace Pedigree

Ace is owned by Jo Kimmins in the UK and has been campaigned in eventing in England by the Chinese Olympian, Alex Hua Tian Ace was bred by Marian Jensen in Denmark at Crown Horse Stud. He is an impressive young stallion with exceptional conformation, fabulous paces, and an exceptionally scopey jump topped by a lovely friendly and kind temparement. Ace was lightly campaigned in 2010 getting double clears in 90cm 1m and 1.10cms. He came second in Barndown in his first competiton against the clock and went clear in The National Show Jumping Championships in Coiloig, co Kildare with International rider Paddy O’Donnel. Jo Kimmins trained him in dressage, was coached by Annemarie Dumphy and he became the South Eastern Regional Champion and came 10th in the National Championship Young Horse Class of 4 & 5 year olds. In 2011 he was show jumped by Paddy O’Donnell at 1.10 and 1.20 finishing a successful season winning the 1.20 class at Kildare International at the Grand Prix Final Show. Ace was graded a premium stallion with ECHA in September where he received 9 for type 9 for conformation 8.5 for gaits/movement 8.5 for swing & elasticity 9 for total impression.

Ace is by Crown’s Blue Pearl an approved Cremello warnblood stallion born 2001 currently jumping 1.40 in Denmark. He won the title: Horse of the year 2007, with the Danish Palomino Association. He won the stallion licence test and got the highest score ever for capacity (10 score) in Jumping. Approval in Germany 2008: Among the 10 % highest scored Germans Warmblood stallions, Premium, stallion stambuch 1, Awarded Champion. 2009 he sired the best Warmblood foal in ZFDP bred in Denmark 2009 he got his first start at CSI* Medium – tour (1.35m) and the video below shows the final. He is ridden by the highly respected rider Kristian Skovrider.

Crowns Blue Pearl 3

Crowns Blue Pearl 4

Ace’s Dam line includes Denmark’s legendary A-Dur whose international jumping career included amongst other things winning a silver at CSIO Nations cup in Bratislava in 1998 aand a gold in Falsterbo, Sweden in 2000. A-Dur not only proved to be an excellent show jumper he also became an Elite Stallion for the long list of talented horses he sired including the very successful danish warmblood mare Andante who has won two World Cup Qualifiers with Tina Lund for Denmark.



A-Dur is by the legendary Argentinus 2005 Hanoverian Stallion of the year, who led the FN statistics for his age group for the sum of prize money earned by his off spring for an astounding seven years!


In 1996 Argentinus was the youngest millionaire among Germany’s stallions and is now the most successful sire still active in breeding in Germany. A successful advanced level jumper himself, this Performance Class I, Main Premium Champion stallion has effectively enriched the breeding and sport scene with a versatility that is probably unique anywhere. He has already sired over 400 showjumpers and 190 dressage horses in Germany alone as well as 27 graded sons world wide. His progeny have won over £750,000 in completion to date and through his offspring such as AEGON’s Autogramme, Anka, Fursa, A-Dur, Argentino, Gigowatt Asmodina and Albatros. H e is currently ranked 18th in the world as a sire of International showjumpers and 22nd over the total of the past 10 years. He is almost equally successful as a dressage sire, with the top International performers Nissan Amaretto, Albano, Aleppo-S and Aristocrat to his name.


An exciting and rare opportunity is presented in the A Grade Showjumper Oldlands Vivaldi IV, a bay silver dapple stallion with an impressive jumping pedigree.

GrandView Sporthorses together with Oldlands Stud Farm in the UK are excited to introduce Oldlands Vivaldi IV to the Australian market. Vivaldi pedigree Vivaldi is a rare bay silver dapple, in addition to being homozygous black, therefore unable to produce chestnut progeny. His colour DNA profile is Aa EE nZ.

Vivaldi is 16.1hh and is KWPN registered and AES approved. He is an A Grade show jumper with over £4500 of winnings.

He has very good conformation and a fabulous canter to be awarded an impressive score of 85% for his jumping ability the highest marks ever awarded at an SSH grading by KWPN inspectors and 71% for conformation.

Vivaldi boasts an impressive pedigree and an excellent mareline. His sire Goodtimes VDL by stallion of the century Nimmerdor, his dam the silver KWPN Ster Preferent Prestatie mare “Diana” by the legend that is “Alme Z” (Ibrahim x Ultimate).

His dam Diana has also produced the KWPN approved silver bay dressage stallion Havanna by Clavecimbel, his full sisters the Intermediate dressage mare Lima & the Prestatie mare Jolanda as well as BWP approved stallion Irano VD Bischopp competing successfully at 1.45m with Wout Jan van der Schans. Vivaldi’s eldest son from his first foal crop Valme is already competing at Foxhunter and 1.20m opens with many wins and has qualified for the Foxhunter 2nd in 2016 & 2017.

As with so many of Goodtimes offspring Vivaldi has very good movement and is also a suitable choice for dressage.


There will be a limited number of frozen doses available for Vivaldi in the 2017 breeding season.

Treliver Decanter is that magnificent Grand Prix dressage stallion with the glorious golden coat.

It is with very much excitement that we bring to the Australian market, the seriously talented Grand Prix dressage stallion Treliver Decanter, in association with owner and trainer, Matthew Burnett.

Treliver Decanter pedigree

BWBS Sport Horse, 2001, 16.3hh

Decanter has three fabulous paces and an excellent technique jumping, added to this a wonderful temperament and superb colour make him a sire not to miss. He is proving popular overseas and he has a son in Holland who has been retained for breeding and a stallion son in South Africa.

Descended from numerous famous dressage and jumping stallions including, Dimaggio, World Breeding Champion in 2000. Don Primero who was an international dressage horse and the producer of at least 15 international dressage horses, Donnerhall who speaks for himself! Donnerhall’s father Donnerweter was himself an International dressage horse. He has produced over 50 graded sons and 35 state premium mares. His great grand dam Fantasia’s sire Pik Bube was a Grand Prix dressage horse, his sire Pik Koenig is considered the most important son of the famous Thoroughbred sire of showjumpers, Pik As xx. Pik König sired 19 Approved sons and 22 State Premium mares.

His great grandsire World Cup I is recognised as an important dressage sire with numerous offspring competing at International level. His great grand sire on his damline, Graditz, is the sire of the famous International dressage horse Gigilo and also produced several stallion sons. Graditz’s sire Grande was a famous show jumping sire who produced numerous stallion sons and also had a number of international show jumping and dressage progeny. Grande produced 33 approved sons, 34 states premium mares and sent three of his showjumping progeny to the Olympic Games.

Decanter started competing in 2008 and has competed at the BD Nationals and Regionals since then. He now competes successfully at Grand Prix.

Decanter has a graded stallion son standing in Europe and a son of his is standing in South Africa Decanter is producing elegant stock with big paces and excellent temperaments. Feedback from mare owners is indicating they are very easy to handle and are proving a delight to back and ride on. There are older youngstock successfully competing in Eventing and Dressage.

There is a 50% chance of him passing on the cream gene giving either palomino, buckskin or smokey black foals to non dilute mares.

There is only a very small number of doses that are being released in Australia in the 2017 breeding season. Decanter will not be available for the 2017 season. If there is enough interest, he will have doses imported for the 2018 breeding season.