Australian Eventing Championships (Wandin Park) 2019

Posted on Oct 24, 2019 in Grandview News

Mink Wandin 1

Mink Wandin 2

Mink Wandin 3

Mink Wandin 4

Mink Wandin 5

Mink Wandin 6

Mink Wandin 7

Mink Wandin 8

Mink Wandin 9

When my friend Tara Fuller said….why dont you come with me to Wandin….I thought why not..!

Reality set in shortly after agreeing as Mink had only plonked (and I actually mean that quite literally) around a couple of local EvA65s….so I was thinking…this could end in tears…! 760 entries was the biggest number horses Mink had ever seen..! Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained…! So off we went with the golden horses on board….and headed for where we were staying with Julie Townsend (who also owns a GrandView horse…GrandView Joe Strummer).

Dressage for Mink it was a drizzly rain. There were flowers either side of the entrance at A….and Mink decides to jump into the arena…thankfully we pulled it together quite quickly and he did a very calm and nice test…even though he was keeping an eye on those flowers every time he went past them. It placed us 8th after the dressage in a large competition of 30 horses.

Cross country was next and there were a few challenges for a green horse….but Mink kept it together and we jumped clear….we had to slow things down for the last couple of jumps as we had gone around a bit too quick…so we found ourselves trotting over the last fence and to the finish line. We made it in minimum time so no time penalties.

Show jumping was down on the main jumping arena and it was a very busy atmosphere. Was very surprised but Mink wasnt phased by all the action at all. He jumped a super clear round.

Looking at the final results and we finished second….the only reason we didnt win was that the winning horse and I had the same penalties but the other horse was 5 seconds closer to optimum time than Mink was…if I had gone 6 seconds slower around XC we would have won the rug..! Cant say I was unhappy with the result.

Tara too came home with a rosette from the EvA95 in 3rd place. So the golden ponies earnt their oats this weekend.