Drenched in the downpour at Ballarat Horse Trials

Posted on Oct 24, 2019 in Grandview News

Mink Ballarat 1

Mink Ballarat 2

Mink Ballarat 3

Mink Ballarat 4

Mink Ballarat 5

Mink Ballarat 6

Another trip east for Tara Fuller and myself with the golden kids.

It started raining just as we left on Thursday….and did not stop until late Friday night….guess which day I had to ride…Yep…Friday…!

We saddled Mink on the float…..got soaked warming up and rode in the torrential rain…as you can see from the photos…and put Mink straight back on the float afterwards. To his credit he did a beautiful test and was VERY happy to be on the float in the dry with his hay bag.

Just went and got our clothes dried out…Tara was as wet as I was as she videoed my dressage test….and then had to saddle up and go back out in it again for the show jumping.

I was so tempted to scratch but Tara kept telling me that no dont scratch as everyone else will so you will come up the placings…! Well bugger me if they didnt cancel the XC phase for the EvA80 for the Saturday due to how much rain we had got in the past couple of days…over 100ml I believe.

Really disappointing to have gone all that way for virtually a combined training…and a very wet one at that…but the ground had to be saved for the higher classes. Really happy with how Mink coped with the wet weather and all the joys that brings us as horse riders.