GrandView Fox In Sox wins Wistow Winter Series

Posted on Oct 24, 2019 in Grandview News

Wistow 1

Wistow 2

Wistow 3

Wistow 4

Wistow 5

Shooter won the 2019 Wistow Winter Series High Point contest.

He didnt make it easy for me though. There was Shooter and another horse that was neck and neck through the whole series. On the first competition on the last week of the series the organisers hung the trophy rugs on the fence and Shooter just didnt think this was right at all…was not going to go anywhere near them….so we had a stop in that round which only earnt me one point for that round.

Thankfully we hung on by the skin of our teeth….one point only…to win the overall high point for the series. One heck of a lot of fun..!