GrandView Karved in Gold

Posted on Nov 10, 2014 in Grandview News

Karved in Gold 8.11.14 564

Karved in Gold 8.11.14 409

Karved in Gold 8.11.14 419

Karved in Gold 8.11.14 442

This foal was very much anticipated by GrandView as the odds were 37.5% perlino, 37.5% cremello, 12.5% buckskin and 12.5% palomino….of course we were hoping for the perlino or the cremello option…..and what do you know….he arrived…!

We will have to DNA test him to know for certain if he is perlino or cremello but we are super happy to have a double dilute warmblood colt.

He is by the perlino Akhal Teke, Kambarbay (IFS) out of a Weltmeyer / Du / Copernicus mare. He is blessed with 4 white legs and a perfect blaze.

We have to admit that we are completely in love and he wastes a lot of time for us…!!!