Lockington Horse Trials 2018

Posted on May 22, 2018 in Grandview News

Lockington Horse Trials….what an awesome weekend…the weather gods were super kind to us, turning on a magnificent weekend..!

Bit the bullet and took 2 horses this weekend….GrandView Fox in Sox (Shooter) in the EvA105 and GrandView Momentum (Mink) in the EvA65.





Dressage put us in mid field for both horses…although it was a closely held scoring. Super proud of the tests both horses did…especially Mink as this was his first competition so had never seen a dressage arena before..! Shooter was sitting 10th after dressage and Mink 11th.

Mink had his show jumping on Saturday as well…and he was a wee bit overwhelmed with such a busy show jumping arena but he held it together but we did have 3 very green rails, which dropped us well down the field.

Cross country for both horses today….Shooter going first in the 105…it was our first testing course and to say I wasnt a little concerned about a couple of fences would be lying…but my goodness Shooter had wings today and just flew around the XC…was so very pleased with him…did not miss a step..! We scored a few time penalties but his super round pulled us up to 4th place.





Mink was next for his XC and I was just going to be happy for him to get around with no pressure….well he did that…bit looky at a couple of fences but he kept going forward all the way…we had heaps of time penalties but I was super pleased with him as he just went about his business and did the job.

Showjumping for Shooter and he was on fire again. Mistake by me saw us pull one rail…but it held onto our 4th placing from the XC phase.

So very pleased with both horses for the weekend.

The event was so very well run….and I say a huge thankyou to all of the committee and volunteers who ran the event…super efficient. Also a huge thankyou to all of the sponsors to the event, without you this event could not continue.

A very special thankyou to both Peter and Mel Adamson for all of your help for the whole weekend.

Another very special thankyou to both Tracy Whiter and Lindsay Young Veterinary for all your advice this week.

Last but by no means least a huge thankyou to my personal sponsor LifeVantage with Lea Hankinson and Abby Ellison Drury.