Murray Bridge Show 2018

Posted on Oct 9, 2018 in Grandview News


GrandView Fox in Sox jumped his socks off at the Annual Murray Bridge Show. We competed in the Official ring and in a class of about 17 riders in the 90cm class Shooter was on fire. He jumped a super clean first round and was fresh and jumping big. The jump off was going to be tight but there was only 5-6 horses with clear rounds. Shooter was feeling very fresh and firing on all cylinders…he did a super quick round to win this class.

We also jumped in the 105cm class but pilot error caused us to have one rail down. Was so disappointed with myself as Shooter was jumping beautifully but I set him up wrong at one fence and he just touched it.

We decided to call it a day after that as he hasnt been in work all that long and it was a fairly warm day.

Had an awesome day at the show…it was super well organised and well run. Will be back again next year.