SOLD – GrandView Kitten In Mittens

Posted on Nov 3, 2016 in Progeny, Sold Horses






The full sibling to this foal sold within 1.5hrs of it being posted on Facebook…it hadn’t even dried off from being born. This foal is no less impressive than the last foal.

If you are looking for a super intelligent, athletic and incredible stamina then this foal just cannot be overlooked. I cannot believe the intelligence of the Akhal Teke…to say they pick up things super fast is the absolute understatement. This foal must be considered if you are looking for your next superstar eventer, however would excel in any of the Olympic disciplines.

Kambarbay, without exception is consistently putting beautiful foals on the ground with excessive bling. He is a super intelligent and brave stallion, who is just the most super quiet and trainable gentle man.

Lilly as a dam has passed on her incredible movement and curious and quirky personality. Lilly is an exceptional mother and is consistently producing outstanding foals…this foal is absolutely no exception. She is no slouch herself when it comes to bloodlines…with both Fishermans Friend and Prince Noir close up in her pedigree.

This filly has been sold to an outstanding local eventing home and we are really excited to follow the progress of this filly in the coming years.