GrandView Koffee Klub (IFS)

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Buckskin warmblood filly
Born 8th October 2014.

Mature approx. 16.2. ACE registered.

Ronnie is a gorgeous filly who has a look at me presence about her. She has the lovely cruisey and curious nature of his dam, together with an impressive lineage that will be sure to make her an outstanding eventer or show jumping prospect!

Ronnie's dam line through Lachlan Lad on the sire side has the outstanding World Cup showjumper, campaigned by Gavin Chester, Stirling Liberty. Stirling liberty was an important stallion and was the sire of two grand prix dressage horses - Snowy River Blackwood and Redwood. Stirling Liberty’s sire is the great Ludendorf, who really needs no introduction.

Ludendorf (Imp/Dec) (Luciano/Waidmannshiel/More Magic xx ) was imported to Australia in 1984 and stems from the German 'L' line through Lukas, Lugano I and Der Löwe (Wahnfried/Herold xx/Fervor xx). Before exportation from Germany, his first and only German foal crop had two licensed sons. On arrival to Australia, he was campaigned by Heath Ryan at advanced level One Day Events and up to grand prix level dressage.

Ludendorf's sire, Luciano (Lukas/Eindruck II/Feldmarschall), was known for producing highly talented performance horses in both dressage and show jumping.

Lachlan Lad’s great grand dam Faleten, produced at least five stallion sons; Stirling Liberty (Ludendorf/Falkland/Monopol) is out of Faleten and is a full brother to horses such as Stirling Luther (FEI dressage stallion with Dirk Dijkstra), Stirling Lukas (advanced eventer), Stirling Luftmann (FEI dressage stallion exported to Thailand) and Stirling Lilac. Faleten (Falkland/Monopol/X) is possibly the most decorated Australian Warmblood broodmare of her time.

Ronnie is by the gorgeous perlino Akhal Teke, Kambarbay (IFS). Akhal Tekes are well known for their endurance, agility and intelligence. Kambarbay is no exception to this. He has been in training as an eventer in the UK and is proving to be brave and talented. Kambarbay is putting his stamp on all of his foals in that they are all refined and beautiful foals, with the added bonus of super bling and a gorgeous golden coat.

The Akhal Teke is considered to be the oldest of modern domesticated equine breeds in existence today who's ancestors trace back to over 3000 years.

The breed as it is known today, first appeared in Turkmenistan, Central Asia, in the desert of Kara Kum, a rocky, flat desert surrounded by mountains which played a significant role in preserving it's purity. Tribesmen of Turkmenistan first used the horses for raiding and were selectively bred for speed and agility. Pedigree records were maintained by Turkmen tribesmen via oral tradition.

Historical records show that the Akhal-Teke has had influence on many breeds through trade and war, with stallions often gifted to Heads of State and other influential figures in foreign lands. It is thought that the Thoroughbred stallion Byerly Turk one of the three foundation thoroughbred stallions of the breed, may have been an Akhal-Teke or Turkoman Horse.

With these performance greats in her bloodlines GrandView Koffee Klub certainly has the headstart to a great and enviable career.
GrandView Koffee Klub (IFS)Kambarbay (IFS)KavvartliKaraman
McArthur LilaLachlan LadStirling Liberty
Landers Princess
Fairbanks GidgetGelriano (Imp)
Ballroom xx


GrandView Rumour Has It (Picture 1)
Buckskin colt by Romanov II

GrandView Wow Factor (Picture 2)
Buckskin colt by WildKard

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