GrandView Halo Of Diamonds (IFS)

Posted on Jan 18, 2021 in Sport Horses For Sale

Only one of 3 silver pure warmblood mares in Australia….and I own 2 of them.

This is a VERY rare opportunity to purchase a silver warmblood mare with a pedigree that simply stacks up over and over again. Take note below of some of the greats in this filly’s pedigree.

Olympic Ferro is one of the great stallions. Ferro was extremely well bred with a good character and very good powerful hind legs. He was first in his stallion test. He showed a lot of talent in jumping and even started out in life as a show jumper and ended up one of the more eminent dressage stallions of modern times.


This charming, talented black stallion achieved the title of “Keur” in 2000. He can be relied upon to produce beautiful, typey, talented offspring of the highest quality.

Benetton Dream went to Warendorf as the favourite to win and came back as the new German Champion of the three year old stallions. He received the highest marks of all the four young horse classes. He received a ten from the judges in both classes for his perfect, relaxed rhythmic walk.

Trot 9,5; Canter 9,5; Walk 10,0; Conformation; 9,0; Complete impression; 9,5 Final score 9,5

Benetton Dream

Benetton Dream won his very first start in a dressage competition at “A” level with a mark of 8, 5. In the mean time he has collected many prizes at “L” and “M” level with marks up to 8,8. He succeeded at qualifying for the German Championships for 5 year olds at his first attempt. After that he went straight to the final. He repeated the qualification at his first attempt as a 6 year old. Last year Benneton won at “M” level and was highly placed in “S”dressage classes (at just 7 years old).

Rotspon has spectacular movement, a beautiful temperament and outstanding ability. He has an incredible rideability as does his foals. His first foals totally met the high expectations of Celle. Numerous foals enriched the Verden foal auctions. His foals have beautiful heads and a good conformation (long sloping shoulder, long well set up neck.) They are equipped with a very elastic trot and a ground covering walk.


Jazz has done for KWPN breeding in The Netherlands what Donnerhall did in Germany. He was the flagship of modern dressage breeding and clearly stamped his offspring in looks, gaits and often in character. He was ranked number 1 on the WBFSH Dressage Sire Ranking in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.


Harper is only for sale as I was given the opportunity to purchase several knabstruppers to add to the colour program so something has to give.

Harper has a dressage pedigree that is blue blooded all at every turn you make….and she certainly shows the sensitivity and movement to be a top horse for a competent rider….or she will just add so much value to a broodmare herd. My loss is your gain.